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EPCU Koala Club

For our young savers, EPCU has created our Koala Club! Members receive a birthday card, an opportunity to join our KC Rewards Program, and two newsletters a year with tips on how to manage money, fun games, and more.


April 2016 Newsletter

October 2016 Newsletter

Youth Week Coloring Page




KC Rewards Program:
Earning Points: Redeeming Points:
Make a deposit = 2 points 10 points: suckers, pencils, erasers, candy
A on report card = 2 points 20 points: note pads, squirt guns, candy
B on report card = 1 point 30 points: actvity books, lip gloss, sidewalk chalk
2 hours of community service = 1 point 40 points: silly bands, stuff animals, $5.00 gift card
Receiving a school certificate or award = 1 point 50 points: $10.00 gift cards, EPCU T-shirt
Winning a school sponsored athletic event = 1 point  
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